Gut Feeling @ AxS Festival

On September 26th, I’ll be doing a live performance of Gut Feeling in the Sphæræ inflatable dome environment at the AxS Festival in Pasadena.

In addition to me, William Basinski and James Elaine will do an audiovisual collaboration and Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand will perform their 10,000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid.

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Gut Feeling @ Zero1 Garage

On Friday September 5th during the San Jose art walk Gut Feeling will be shown in two different forms at the Zero1 Garage for their Bring It! performance art series. There will be an installation version that will be running most of the evening and I will perform two live sets.


A.C.I.D. @ Urban Solar Audio Plant

A recorded and edited version of the multichannel generative sound installation A.C.I.D. will be premiered at the Urban Solar Audio Plant in Berlin on June 21st and will be part of the program of audio events in collaboration with C60.


Journey to Gliese-581g @ Ende Tymes IV

The Macular film Journey to Gliese-581g has been selected to be part of the video program of the Ende Tymes IV Festival of Noise and Experimental Libiration. It will screen on May 11th. Check out the rest of the program, there’s some really great performers on the line-up. The festival is held from May 8 till 11 in Brooklyn, NYC, USA.


Journey to Gliese-581g @ Na Liini Czasu

Our Macular film Journey to Gliese-581g will be show at the international art-house film festival Na Liini Czasu (On the Timeline) in Lublin, Poland on March 28th in the art film competition.

Na Linii Czasu

Gut Feeling @ Ars Electronica – Video Documentation

Gut Feeling (Live Performance, Video Documentation) from Eric Parren on Vimeo.

Echo & Narcissus

Documentation of Echo & Narcissus, a piece by David Familian, for which I developed hardware and software.

Breeder @ The Overkill Festival

Breeder will be shown at The Overkill Festival in Enschede, the Netherlands from 8 to 10 November. Check out their website for the full program.

Overkill Festival

Gut Feeling @ Ars Electronica – Photos

Spaerae Dome

photo by Theun Karelse

Gut Feeling @ Ars

photo by Paul Prudence


Gut Feeling @ Ars

photo by Paul Prudence

Gut Feeling @ Ars

photo by Paul Prudence

Gut Feeling @ Ars

photo by Paul Prudence



For more info check out the Spaerae website.

Gut Feeling @ Ars Electronica 2013

I will be doing a live audiovisual performance at Ars Electronica this year. Gut Feeling will be shown at the Spaerae Dome together with a host of other live performances by great artists. I’ll be performing at 17:30 on Sunday September 8th.